Burien Paint Protection Film


No matter how lovingly you clean and maintain your vehicle, it is susceptible to a number of damages when you take it out on the road. The harmful UV sun rays, moisture, dirt, road debris, pebbles, rocks, and bugs are some of the bothersome things that spoil the exterior of your vehicle.

Signature Auto Detail offers a wonderful solution to this problem – the application of 3M paint protection film on your Burien, WA vehicle. The film provides a protective layer that:

  • Preserves the auto paint job
  • Minimizes re-paints and body repairs on the car
  • Boosts the resale value of the vehicle

If you want your ride to stay looking brand new for years after you drive it out of the showroom, do not delay installing 3M paint protection film on your Burien vehicle.

Burien Car Paint Protection


We offer highly customized services for car paint protection coating to Burien residents. You can have the film applied over any surface of the car that you feel is vulnerable to damage.

The common applications of our car paint protection coating are on the:

  • Front bumpers and rear fender panels
  • Hood and side mirrors
  • Rocker panels
  • Door handles and edges

The car paint protection film is cut with great precision to fit perfectly over the area it is to be installed. Our well-trained technicians will work diligently to ensure that the film is applied smoothly, without any wrinkles or bubbles. Our experienced technicians also take care that the car surface is not scratched or cut accidentally while installing the car paint protection coating.

Burien 3M Paint Protection Film


3M paint protection film installation is an investment in your vehicle that delivers excellent and lasting returns. While the use of the film enhances the look of your car and your pleasure in driving it, it optimizes the amount of money you get from the vehicle when you decide it is time to sell it later on.

To make the most of your investment, you should take your vehicle to the most competent and reliable 3M paint protection film installers in the Burien area. You should come to us!

We assure you of:

  • Using a genuine 3M chip protect film
  • Installing the film professionally
  • Affordable 3M paint protection film cost
  • A quick, hassle-free job

Call Signature Auto Detail at (425) 687-2700 to find out more about car paint protection coating for your Burien vehicle.